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    People Always Willing to Share and Support

    At Cambridge, teachers enjoy supporting and sharing common interests with students. This is what PAWS is all about. During PAWS, faculty and staff offer enhancement programs such as AP Government and SkillsUSA, as well as academic support programs such as Math or Science help, and even special interest activities such as weight training, soccer, and film studies.

    During the first week of the semester, you will choose your PAWS course by completing a Google form. As your needs and interests change, you have the flexibility to change your PAWS course throughout the semester, i.e. if you need extra help in math, switch your PAWS to a math support class then when you no longer need math help, switch to a special interest PAWS.

    The BEAR Facts of PAWS:

    • First and second semesters
    • Tuesday and Thursdays
    • Begins after Labor Day
    • Flexible course changes throughout the year
    • All PAWS course changes are completed online
    • Seniors have the privilege to leave campus early