GROWL Academy Topics - Spring 2020

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  • What is GROWL?GROWL

    GROWL is a unique schedule that addresses several CHS goals:

    • Support 9th-grade students as they transition to high school
    • Offer more flexibility for 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students
    • Provide teachers more time for collaboration and professional learning

    How does GROWL support 9th Grade Students?

    On GROWL days, 9th graders will be required to report to school at the regular time.  They will attend CLAWS Academy, a series of special programs/speakers designed to support their high school transition.  Topics will range from Digital Citizenship to four-year planning to Stress Management.  In addition, ninth-graders will participate in EITHER an Intramural Sport OR a Study Hall.  See times below.

    How does GROWL benefit 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Students?

    These students have the option of arriving at school at 10:50 on GROWL days.  Working on online classes, studying with classmates, or getting in an exercise session are just some of the ways students may use this time.   

    When is GROWL?

    On eight Wednesdays per semester, Cambridge High School will follow a GROWL Schedule:


    8:20 – 10:40

    CLAWS Academy for one hour AND
    Intramural Sports OR Study Hall for one hour

    All 9th Graders

    10:50 – 11:30

    1st Period

    All Students

    11:35 – 12:10

    2nd Period

    All Students

    12:15 – 12:50

    3rd Period or Lunch

    All Students

    12:55 – 1:30

    4th Period or Lunch

    All Students

    1:35 – 2:10

    5th Period or Lunch

    All Students

    2:15 – 2:50

    6th Period

    All Students

    2:55 – 3:30

    7th Period

    All Students


    What are some other important facts about GROWL days?

    Bus Riders:

    • Buses will run at regular times.  Any student is welcome to take the bus on GROWL days. 

    • 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who take the bus to school will be required to remain on campus once they get off the bus and stay in one of several areas, such as the Student Center until 1st period begins at 10:50.

    Dual Enrollment program:

    • Students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program should take the GROWL schedule into account when scheduling their courses.

    • Students having difficulty reconciling the MOWR program with the GROWL schedule should see the Counseling Department for assistance with scheduling. 

    CLAWS Academy:

    Both outside experts and internal staff members will conduct CLAWS Academy sessions. It is an extension of our CLAWS orientation program, which will continue to be run by upperclassmen mentors as it has operated in the past.  These mentors, however, do not have any responsibility for CLAWS Academy.  

    9th Grade Attendance:

    Attendance at GROWL activities will be mandatory for 9th graders and will affect exam exemptions.

    9th Grade Intramural Sports Program and Study Hall:

    • Every 9th grader will have the option of participating in either an intramural sport or a supervised study hall.  They will sign up for these options when school begins in August. 

    • CHS is still determining which sports will be offered in the Intramural program based on feedback from surveys taken at the middle schools.

    • Study halls will be supervised by CHS staff members who will ensure a quiet, structured atmosphere conducive to studying. 


    What are some other issues being considered for inclusion on GROWL days?

    Because teachers will be collaborating with their colleagues, they will not be available to meet with students; however, consideration is being given to the following possibilities:

    • Peer tutoring

    • Test make-up center

    Still Have Questions?

    Email Karen Thimsen at if you have additional questions.

GROWL Academy Highlights

  • What I Would Tell My Freshman Self?

    The freshmen attending GROWL Academy on December 11 had the opportunity to hear from five of Cambridge’s own alumni.  Each former Bear chose a different path after high school graduation and shared their experiences with the freshmen.  The purpose of this event was to educate students about all of the different options available to them after they graduate.  These included joining the military; working in a trade; taking a gap year before going to local college then on to a university; graduating college in three years and working to start your own business while investing in others.  Another segment covered how to adjust when things don’t go quite as planned.  A recorded Skype interview with Tate Prezzano (class of 2015) was presented to the students.  Tate discussed getting shot three times during an attempted robbery in April of 2019 while attending the University of Georgia, and the miraculous come back he has made because of his determination.

    Speakers for the event were (left to right) Cole Barron (class of 2019/military), Cullen Osborne (class of 2015/trade), Sri Puranam (standing - class of 2016/entrepreneurship), Chad Thimsen (class of 2015/gap year, local college, then university) and Charlotte Britt (class of 2015/graduated college in three years).

    Picture of GROWL Picture of GROWL

GROWL Homework Help

  • Would you like help with math, science, essay writing or a foreign language?  National Honor Society students are offering free homework help during GROWL study halls.  Click this link to sign up by dismissal on the Monday before a GROWL Wednesday.

    GROWL Homework Help

GROWL Dates: 2019-2020

  • 1st Semester:

    August 21

    September 4

    September 18

    October 2

    October 23

    November 6

    November 20

    December 11


    2nd Semester:

    January 15

    January 29

    February 12

    February 26

    March 11

    March 25

    April 22

    May 6 cancelled due to testing

GROWL Week Bell Schedule

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