• Club Name  Sponsor  Sponsor Email
    A Capella Montalto, Molly Montalto@fultonschools.org
    Anime  Cario, Elizabeth carioe@fultonschools.org
    Asian Student Union Lau, Ana plackea@fultonschools.org
    AVTF  Cribb, John  cribbj@fultonschools.org
    Be the Voice Smith, Kindra smithkl@fultonschools.org
    Best Buddies Collins, Ginger collinsgh@fultonschools.org
    BETA  Bradley, Sandra BradleyS2@fultonschools.org
    Black Student Union Louis, Vanessa LouisV1@fultonschools.org
    Blue Crew Kadish, Joel kadishj@fultonschools.org
    Book Club (Finer Things) Shuster, Josh  shuster@fultonschools.org
    "Boys Talk" James, Julian jamesj4@fultonschools.org
    Bucket Drumming Schopke, Rod SchopkeW@fultonschools.org
    Cheer PALS Greco, Sam grecos@fultonschools.org
    Chess Shuster, Josh  Shuster@fultonschools.org
    Coding Club  James, Julian jamesj4@fultonschools.org
    Community Service Vargas, Donna vargasd@fultonschools.org
    Committee on the Arts (COTA) Trentacoste, Anna trentacoste@fultonschools.org
    CRUE Altidor, Jonathan  altidorj@fultonschools.org
    D&D club Chann, Amandeep  Channa@fultonschools.org
    Debate Team Story, Ariel; Jordan, Thomas  jordant2@fultonschools.org
    Diversify Our Narrative Louis, Vanessa  LouisV1@fultonschools.org
    eMpowered Kopkas, Diane  kopkasd@fultonschools.org
    Environmental Lawrimore, Patricia lawrimore@fultonschools.org
    FBLA Finley, Michelle  finleym@fultonschools.org
    FCA Franzman, Cayla; O'Hara Katherine oharak@fultonschools.org
    FCCLA Oliver, Elissa  OliverEL@fultonschools.org
    Flying Club Sohmer, Alan sohmer@fultonschools.org
    Gender-Sexuality Alliance Ankerich,Paul ankerichp@fultonschools.org
    GFGC(Give For Good Cause) Shuster, Josh  Shuster@fultonschools.org
    "Girl Talk" Toledano, Christy toledano@fultonschools.org
    Hiking  Davis, Ronald (Shane) davisr4@fultonschools.org
    HOPE  (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) Louis, Vanessa LouisV1@fultonschools.org
    HOSA Minter Cummings, Tawanna  mintercummit@fultonschools.org
    Improv Club Trentacoste, Anna  trentacoste@fultonschools.org
    Int. Thespians Society van der Hoek, Mary Beth  vanderhoek@fultonschools.org
    Interact  Acker, Diane ackerdd@fultonschools.org
    Investment Club Germano, Charles germano@fultonschools.org
    Jewelry for joy Hick, Robert  hicksr@fultonschool.org
    Jewish Student Union Cario, Elizabeth carioe@fultonschools.org
    Letters For Rose Carson, Jackie  carsonj@fultonschools.org 
    MAKE-up YOU Lupas, Lorraine LupasV1@fultonschools.org
    Maker Space Carrier, Annmarie  carriera@fultonschools.org 
    Mental Health Awareness Club  Forster; Melissa Forsterm@fultonschools.org
    MDJunior Hashmi, Zaina hashmiz@fultonschools.org
    Mock Trial Ankerich, Paul ; Kappel, Maddie ankerichp@fultonschools.org
    Model UN Edeker, Brett edekerb@fultonschools.org
    Mountain Biking Davis, Ronald (Shane) davisr4@fultonschools.org
    Muslim Student Association (MSA) Edeker, Brett edekerb@fultonschools.org
    National Art Honor Society Meyer, Heather; Dumont, Jennifer munsond@fultonschools.org
    National Business Honor Society Finley, Michelle  finleym@fultonschools.org
    National French Honor Society Edeker, Brett; Fitchette, Holly edekerb@fultonschools.org
    National Honor Society(NHS) Batcos, Stephanie  batcoss@fultonschools.org
    National Science Honor Society Lau, Ana plackea@fultonschools.org
    National Spanish Honor Society Vargas, Donna VargasD@fultonschools.org
    Penpal Club Fowler, Leon  fowlerl@fultonschools.org
    Photography Gullett, Christina  gullettc1@fultonschools.org 
    Ping Pong Club Toledano, Christy  toledano@fultonschools.org
    Poetry Club Kappel, Madeline kappelm@fultonschools.org
    Raider Hiking Club  Cario, Elizabeth carioe@fultonschools.org
    Rebuilding Together Atlanta: Riverwood Chapter Toledano, Christy toledano@fultonschools.org
    RICS Car Club Arrieta, Joanna  arrietaj@fultonschools.org
    Riverwood Athletic Honor Society Fletcher, Madison  fletcherm1@fultonschools.org
    Riverwood Design Club  Carrier, Annmarie  carriera@fultonschools.org
    Riverwood Fencing Club Doherty, Timothy  DohertyT@fultonschools.org>
    Riverwood Fight Homelessness Club Schmidt, Mary  schmidtml@fultonschools.org
    Riverwood Newspaper Toledano, Christy toledano@fultonschools.org
    Riverwood Sports Podcast Club Toledano, Christy toledano@fultonschools.org
    Robo Raiders James, Julian jamesj4@fultonschools.org
    S.A.F.E. (Student Advocates for Female Empowerment) Toledano, Christy toledano@fultonschools.org
    Shoe Flips  Dunson, Jerome Dunsonj1@fultonschools.org
    Student Fashion Association Dumont, Jennifer dumontj@fultonschools.org
    Student Government Assoc. Kadish, Joel kadishj@fultonschools.org
    Super Smash Brothers Club Davis, Shane  davisr4@fultonschools.org
    The Cultural Fashion and Art History Club Dumont, Jennifer dumontj@fultonschools.org
    The Sandwich Project  Walter, Meredith  walterm@fultonschools.org
    Travis Manion Foundation Club (TMF Club) Doherty, Timothy  DohertyT@fultonschools.org>
    Ultimate Frisbee club Cahill, Shaun cahills@FultonSchools.org
    World Languages Club  Edeker, Brett  edekerb@fultonschools.org
    Yearbook (RIHISCAN) Ankerich, Paul ankerichp@fultonschools.org

    New Club Proposals
    Students wishing to organize a new club must fill out the New Club Application Form

    Questions? Contact Assistant Principal and Club Coordinator Ms. Louis (louisv1@fultonschools.org)

    Please report any changes/errors to info@riverwoodics.org

    Please contact the Teacher Sponsor for each club listed below for more information. Visit the Staff Directory for email addresses.