• Curriculum: Clear and High Expectations

    The curriculum in Fulton County focuses on the development and application of skills and knowledge as identified by the state of Georgia, national curriculum standards, and local system objectives.  Fulton County’s curriculum is carefully sequenced to promote continuity in learning over a student’s K-12 journey.  Each year new knowledge and skills are layered on top of prior knowledge and skills; what is taught in mathematics or English Language Arts one year is the foundation for what is taught the next.

    At Heards Ferry Elementary, inquiry-based learning and hands-on-experiences are central to our vision for the effective delivery of instruction and increased emphasis on higher academic achievement for all students.   


    At Heards Ferry Elementary we teach the Georgia Performance Standards and the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Please click on the link below to access the standards for each grade level.

    Georgia Standards

    Personalized Learning

    Fulton County Schools is committed to meeting the individual needs, skills, and interests of all students through personalized learning experiences that

    • Provide flexible pacing and varied strategies that consider the interests of the students.
    • Offer increased opportunities for student choice and active participation in the learning process.
    • Ensure that content and assessments are integrated in a manner that facilitates mastery of FCS curriculum standards and career and college readiness standards.
    • Diversify instructional delivery methods through technology and flexibility.

    PTA Parent Guides to Student Success

    The National PTA has developed four-page parent guides that provide an overview of what your child will learn by the end of each school year in mathematics and English Language Arts/literacy.