Personalized Learning at McNair

  • What is personalized learning?

    Personalized learning means that learning starts with the learner. Personalized Learning takes a holistic view of the individual, skill levels, interests, strengths and challenges, and prior knowledge. Learners become more responsible of their learning. The teacher becomes more of an advisor, facilitator, and guide. Roles change. Teaching and learning changes.

     What does personalized learning look like at McNair?

    Our new state of the art environment will encourage our learners to progress at their own pace instead of by grade levels and “mandated” seat time. You will not just hear the teacher talking. Learners will be collaborating, working individually, and even teaching each other. Our scholars will have their own learning path with multiple strategies based on how they learn best. This will change the teacher role at McNair and the whole learning environment. School will no longer look like “traditional school” anymore.  Astro-learners will be co-designers of the curriculum with the teachers using state of the art technology and a plethora of educational resources. Teachers are co-learners with the learners. Our teachers will no longer be the hardest working people in the classroom; to really learn and maximize from their instruction, our Astro-learners need to be. They will want to learn because they now have a voice in their learning and understand what they need to learn. Our scholars are preparing for this instructional transition, and have the support of their learning com​​munity.