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  • For techincal support needs, contact the tech hotline: 470-254-2300

  • Teleschool Information

    Dear Johns Creek Families:

    Beginning Monday, March 16th, instruction will be delivered via the district’s TeleSchool plan.  Each day of the week will focus on a specific content area, with 120 minutes of instruction/engagement with their teachers from 9am to 11am, based on the following schedule:

    • Monday – English/Language Arts
    • Tuesday – Math
    • Wednesday – Electives/Connections (1 hour per course)
    • Thursday – Science
    • Friday – Social Studies

    Parents and students should check your email regularly for communication from your teachers, which will include the specific platform through which instruction will be delivered, and how to engage with teachers with questions, etc.  While each day of the week has a specific content focus, teachers and content are available all week, with teachers specifically available for regular contact between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

    If you have any questions regarding instruction, contact your teacher directly.  If you have any problems communicating with your teacher, please contact the administrator for the teacher’s department.  See below for contact information:

    If you have any tech support needs, call the tech helpline at 470-254-2300.

    Please contact your student’s counselor for any social or emotional support you may need.  Counselor names, caseloads and email addresses are below:



    I just wanted to take a moment to address a couple of items as we prepare to launch into digital learning.

    First, I would ask for your patience. We are about to implement digital learning for an extended period of time. Before tomorrow, we have done digital learning days only a couple of times and we knew they were coming. We were prepared for those one-day events. What begins tomorrow is going to be much more than that. Will it be perfect? No. Will it be seamless? No. But, we are committed to learning from the experience every day and using those lessons to make it better. The administration and teachers are in constant communication about tomorrow and what's to come. We are all in this together. 

    Second, I want to expand upon the instructional schedule that went out on Friday. It outlined the days when students would receive instruction from particular subjects. That instruction, or direct contact with the teacher starts at 9:00 am. Each of our teachers teach up to two preps, so they are likely splitting the 9:00-11:00 am window between both preps. In addition, our teachers are sharing weekly plans with your students. This work, probably 20-30 minutes/day, is intended to maintain learning and keep the students current with their learning of the standards. 

    Third, each day, teachers and staff are available via e-mail 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. If you are having technical difficulties, the county has a Teleschool hotline set up to mitigate those issues. That number is 470-254-2300. If your child has questions about instruction or assignments, they should contact the teacher via e-mail. If they, or you, still have questions, they can reach out to the administrator for the department. Those contacts were listed in Friday's e-mail.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this journey.


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    The media center is starting a book club. Our first book will be I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Written by the youngest recipient of the Nobel peace prize, the book is a story that will inspire everyone. Malala was refused to be silent about the right for public education even when her town was taken over by the Taliban. Books are available for check out in the media center, and our first discussion will take place during lunch on March 26. Feel free to bring your lunch or a snack with you. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book.  


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  • Interact Club is hosting a used eyeglasses drive during the month of March in conjunction with Autrey Mill elementary school.  Please drop eyeglasses off to Dr. Williams’, room number 322. Thank you

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  • Johns Creek High School will be hosting a college and career fair on Monday, March 16th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in the JCHS Cafeteria. Colleges and career opportunities from all across the country will be in attendance. This is a great opportunity to network with college admissions and career representatives about admissions, financial aid, and other questions about the opportunities available at their institution. Please make plans to attend the event

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  • Any student interested in taking an online class for the 2020-2021 school year (fall and/or spring semester) must complete an online course contract. Contracts can be found online at www.johnscreekguidance.comunder the academic advisement tab. Please print, complete, and have you and your parent sign the form and return it to the counseling office. All forms are due May 1st

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    All persons interested in volunteering in the Fulton County School District are required to re-register/register (even if a person has completed an application in the past) by completing the new online volunteer registration/application process. The registration process can be found on the FCS District Website under Community/Partners & Volunteers or click on the Volunteer global icon. Applicants should be prepared to spend about 10-15 minutes for the training and application process. In accordance with State Law, all volunteers must be current with the Child Abuse Reporting Protocol Training before being allowed to volunteer in our schools. It is very important that volunteers enter their full legal name as it appears on their government issued ID (please do not use nicknames or “goes by” names on the application). All applicants must wait 24 hours after applying for application processing and approval.

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