Hello from Dr. Moret

  • Hello from Bear Creek Middle School’s Visual Arts Department! I’m Dr. Lauren Moret, and I’m so excited to share some of our students’ works! At BCMS, we've spent the first four weeks of the year creating a strong visual arts foundation virtually through multiple projects including an Elements of Art, Principles of Design, and Art Journaling assignments. In our virtual art classroom, we created an environment of respect for self, others, space, and materials, also, we listen to a wide variety of music. We are learning about many of the different genres of art such as Still Life and Landscape, and we spend a lot of time practicing with short burst, art exercises including drawing, game playing, and mindfulness.

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Still Life and Landscapes

  • Art students at Bear Creek Middle School are learning about various genres of art including still life and landscape. Checkout some of their recent landscape works.











Elements of Art Foundation

  • Students learn about the Elements of Art Foundation.