parents at curriculum night

Tips from the Front Office

  • Late Arrival – School starts at 8:50. After 8:50 a note is required to admit your student. In lieu of a note you may escort your student in to the front office.


    Early Dismissal –Please have your child bring a note to the front office. 6th grade connections classes are at the end of the day. If your child has PE, you may want to pick up your student before the period starts as classes could be outside delay your dismissal. All afternoon checkouts must be done no later than 3:30. All check outs require a photo ID. If your child is going to be checked out by a person who is not one of your emergency contacts, we will need a note and a photo ID must be provided.


    Messages – To provide uninterrupted instruction we cannot call your student out of class without an administrator’s approval. We will be happy to put your student’s name on the message board to relay the information.

    Dropping off items – We do not list names on the message board for lunch drop-offs. Students are responsible for checking the front office drop-off area.

    Cell Phones – Since students will not have their cell phones during the school day, it would be helpful if they could memorize your phone numbers if they need to use the phone in the front office. Make sure your child knows to leave you a message so you do not worry when you see a missed call.


    Parking – You may park in any spaces in front of the school. Please don’t park in the carpool drop off area or the bus loading area at the side of the school. 


    Transportation Changes – if your child will ride a different bus home, you will need to send in a handwritten note with the child on the morning of the change with the name of the child and bus number. We will approve it and your child will give it to the bus driver at dismissal.​