• "Here Comes the Bus" is a free, easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child’s school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This way, you know when the bus is near your stop, so you can send your child out at just the right time. No more worrying about whether your child has missed the bus!

    Program FAQs

    • How does "Here Comes the Bus" work?

      "Here Comes the Bus" uses a global positioning system (GPS) technology to locate and track your child’s school bus. It is powered by software from Synovia Solutions, who are experts at tracking data, which they’ve been providing to fleet managers across North America for over 15 years.

      How do I sign up?

      1. Download the Here Comes The Bus app on Google Play or the Apple App Store or visit www.herecomesthebus.com.
      2. Click the "Sign Up" button
      3. Enter school code: 87428
      4. Click "Next" followed by "Confirm"
      5. Complete the "User Profile" box
      6. Under "My Students," click "Add." Enter your child's last name and student ID number
      7. Once you confirm your information, you're ready to go! 


      How much does it cost?

      "Here Comes the Bus" is available at no cost to all families. It's free!

      Do I need separate accounts for each of my children? Or separate accounts if we all want to be notified separately?

      You and your children can access all the information about the buses you need using just one "Here Comes the Bus" account.

      Is the information private and secure?

      "Here Comes the Bus" uses HTTPS, just like a bank or online store, which means that all communications between your web browser and the site is encrypted and secure. (That’s what the S in “HTTPS” stands for – secure.)

      I saw a Student Ridership feature on the app. Does Fulton County Schools use this?

      Student Ridership is student-tracking software that can be accessed through the "Here Come the Bus" app. It enables parents to see when their child has scanned on and off the bus. At this time, Fulton County Schools has not decided to offer this option.

      Can I view the website in a language other than English?

      Yes. The "Here Comes the Bus" program was created by Synovia Solutions, and the company has made the website available in Spanish and French. If your computer is already set to display one of these languages, the website will automatically use the same language. Otherwise, you can change the language by clicking the current language (such as English) at the top right of the web page.​​​


    Troubleshooting FAQs

    • The School District’s Here Comes The Bus app was recently updated by our vendor and may have caused some accounts to require a password change. In order to correct this, please follow the steps below to properly reset your password.

      Reset your password by going to the Here Comes The Bus website, not the app.

      Go to Login.herecomesthebus.com

      Click on Forgot Your Password

      Enter your email address and the school code (87428)

      Once you get the email, click on the link to reset your password

      Use the same password to log into the app to track your bus

      The website/app wants me to enter a school code. What do I enter?

      The code for Fulton County Schools is 87428.

      I registered my account and the site is asking for a student ID.

      You should have an ID number assigned to your student by his/her school. If you don't have this already, please contact your school for this information.

      I added my child to my account but there is no bus assigned.

      If the account sign-up occurs over the weekend, it will not show bus stop information. Stops will only show on days that a stop is assigned (Monday-Friday). Feel free to complete your account sign-up and check your child’s stop information first thing Monday morning. ​If issues persist, please contact the appropriate Transportation supervisor for assistance.

      I added my child to my account but the bus stop information is incorrect.

      This should be directed to the appropriate Transportation Department supervisor. Click here to find your school's Transportation supervisor.

      I added my child to my account but the bus is not tracking.

      This should be directed to the appropriate Transportation Department supervisor. Click here to find your school's Transportation supervisor.

      I created an account but forgot my password.

      On the "Here Comes The Bus" login screen, select "Forgot Password" to have a new password emailed to you.