• Who to Contact at River Eves Elementary


    The Homeroom Teacher:

    is the first point of contact for students and families, especially for classwork,

    homework, grades and instruction, as well as incidents that occurred in class or at

    recess. Teachers give their email addresses at Open House and you may locate email

    addresses in the MySchoolAnywhere app, the online school directory, this fall.


    Ginny Long, Curriculum Support Teacher:

    is available for questions about the school’s curriculum and academic programs.

    Address questions to her about academic assessments, class placement and special

    programs available.



    Kiara Exum, School Counselor; Erika Cohen, School Social Worker; Allyson Hewett, Instructional Support Teacher; and Stacy Storr, Response to

    Intervention Coordinator:

    give guidance and help with classroom matters, 504 plans and IEP plans to support

    students’ learning or attention needs, extended absences, crisis intervention or

    other personal needs.






    Assistant Principal:

    call her to discuss discipline, bus, and standardized testing issues. She also will be

    able to point you to the correct staff member for information you seek.





    is accessible if you need additional guidance or have an unresolved matter.