• Special Education Programs

    Each individual has a learning style that is all his/her own; that includes some students, who have greater challenges in the academic world.  Sandy Springs Charter Middle School has the expertise and staff to work with students who might not be fully challenged or appreciated in other schools.

    Guidance and Counseling programs are a regular part of the curriculum, helping students develop skills in organization, studying, problem solving, and peer relations. A full-time staff of learning specialists works with students, teachers, and parents to help provide the proper diagnosis and remediation of any learning issues that fall outside the normal developmental ranges. These specialists include:

    Instructional Support Teacher who advises classroom teachers when working with children with specific learning challenges (such as ADHD) and works directly with students when needed.

    Our Instructional Support Teacher will help organize parent-teacher conferences with professional specialists, such as school psychologists, social workers, and assistant principals, in order to come together and determine solutions for existing student academic and emotional concerns.

    A Special Education Team is comprised of teachers who have earned certification in the field of special education.

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