• vision

  • Vision:
    Through an inclusive community, we commit to cultivate each facet of each child in order to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world.

    Exemplifying Excellence Through the Webb Way

    We Believe

    1. We believe positive relationships are foundational.
    2. We believe students are most successful when they feel they belong. 
    3. We believe adults and children need balance in their lives.
    4. We believe everyone can stretch and grow.
    5. We believe student outcomes improve when we work together.
    6. We believe collaboration between home and school enhances student success. 
    7. We believe what we learn about and from students helps us design the next learning opportunity.
    8. We believe impactful lessons are engaging, challenging, and relevant.
    9. We believe students best show what they know, understand, and can do in a variety of ways.

    We Value

    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Citizenship
    • Perseverance
    • Integrity
    • Positivity