Empower the whole child to become a lifelong learnerBoy in Green

    to ensure they reach their full potential academically,

    socially and emotionally.


    Consistently provide high quality learning experiences

    that cultivate, nurture and promote academic excellence.


    • Confident Belief: Confidence in our ability to become a school that conveys excellence is our inspiration and motivation for all that we do for our learners and the surrounding community.

    • Advocate for Learners: Our steadfast confidence is upheld by our consistency on the right work. We welcome the work necessary to overcome academic and social obstacles that affect the future of our learners.

    • Assumption of Excellence: We require excellence from our staff, students, and stakeholders. This assumption embodies our purpose and establishes our standard of expectation in all that we do.

    • Willful Collaboration: We know collaboration is what will sustain our transformation. We are purposeful in our utilization of the intelligence and experiences of our families, community and colleagues inside and outside our school walls.

    • Continuous Improvement: We realize if we are to attain positive growth in a safe learning environment, we must diligently venture to discover new concepts and practices. We must allow ourselves to be humble, focused and flexible enough to seek budding ideas.