• Microsoft Surfaces to Dell Latitudes 3300

    Dell Latitude 3300

    SSCMS is getting NEW devices!


    Device Information

    The Dell Latitude 3300 will serve as a tool to support and enhance classroom instruction. To be eligible to receive a device for this school year parents are required to sign the 2019-2020 Device User Agreement and be free of device fines from the previous year. The Device User Agreement outlines the district policy for usage, fees for damaged, loss or stolen devices and the student pledge.  You can find a link to the Device Agreement on the side of the page; a hard copy can be requested and obtained fromthe Media Center. 


    We will be distributing Dell Latitude 3300 Laptops beginning next semester. All students must have a new Device User Agreement signed in order to receive a laptop. Paper copies are available in the Media Center. 


    Surface Collection

    We will be collecting Surfaces in order to prepare for our new laptops. Students should make they bring the device and the charger on the day of collection. 


    Surface Collection Dates:

    • 6th Grade - December 17
    • 7th Grade - December 18
    • 8th Grade - December 19