• Creating opportunities for excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and altruism.


  • At Alpharetta High School we believe that education creates opportunity. As a learning community, we seek to inspire intellectual curiosity and stimulate personal creativity by setting high expectations and developing engaging environments to promote a culture of continuous learning where hard work is a contributor to success.

    We respect the diverse perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds of others and strive to build a foundation of self-governing integrity that recognizes each of our unique contributions to both our local and the global community.


  • Because we are reflective practitioners devoted to the craft of education, we value a passion for what we teach, a commitment to whom we teach, and a desire for collaborating and improving how we teach.

    As a community, we aspire to find balance in where we devote our time, to pursue a unity of shared purpose that guides our decisions, and to support one another and our learning community by bringing our best selves to every opportunity.