Please Note: The information on this page was originally posted for the 2020-21 school year and may not reflect the policies and procedures that will be in place for the 2021-22 school year. These pages remain active for reference and archive purposes.
  • Face To Face vs. URL

  • Face to Face or Remote Learning Election Process - Deadline: September 18 (Phase III)

    Fulton County Schools (FCS) has now set target dates for returning to face-to-face instruction through a cautious and measured “phased in” approach.

    On September 8, FCS implemented Phase I for Pre-K through 2 as the COVID-19 data continued to show positive trends in Fulton County. The remaining phases will begin for all grades as follows:

    • Phase III – begins Sep 21 for one full day of in-person instruction per week
    • Phase IV – begins Oct 5 for two full days of in-person instruction per week
    • Face to Face – begins Oct 14 for full-time in-person instruction

    What does that mean for your student?  You get to choose.

    Participation in face-to-face instruction remains optional.  You will need to provide your choice so your school can plan accordingly.  Here is a link to a form where you can enter your choice for your student.  You may come back to face-to-face or remain in Universal Remote Learning (URL) through the end of this semester on December 18.  Decisions for 2021 will be made and shared with you soon.



Electing F2F or Remote FAQs

  • Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the options available for instruction during Phases III, IV and Full Face to Face. If you have a specific question not addressed here, parents are encouraged to contact their student's school.

General Questions

  • Will all students have the option to come to school Face To Face (F2F) during Phase III – Phase IV?

  • How do I know which day my student will attend during Phase III - Phase IV?

  • Will I be able to change my mind after initially saying “yes” or “no” to a particular phase?

  • What is the deadline to decide if I want my student to remain in Remote Learning or return to Face-to-Face instruction after the October 14th start date?

  • Is wearing a face covering required to attend school Face-to-Face?

  • I have three children. Do I need to make a selection for each child?

  • Can I select to have one child in F2F and keep one child in Remote Learning?

  • Will I have the option to change once my selection is made?

  • May I select the remote teacher?

  • After October 14, will all students be in the same classes or is there a potential to change teachers after Face To Face starts?

  • How will the potential of a reshuffling of classes after October 14 impact my child’s grade?

  • If my child stays in Remote Learning, will I receive a device?

  • If my students are in Pre-K – 1, what resources will be provided if they stay Remote Learning?

  • Will there be gifted, accelerated, or remedial classes in Remote Learning?

  • Will school attendance practices remain the same for those who are in Remote Learning, e.g. Pre-K-2 reading or math?

  • Will the district provide a Remote Learning option for the entire school year?

  • My student is enrolled full time in the Fulton Virtual School. Do I have to make a selection?

  • My student is enrolled full time in the Dual Enrollment Program. Do I have to make a selection?

  • I don’t have access to a computer or the internet. How can I participate in the selection process?

  • How will schools work if some students want to stay Remote and some want to come in Face To Face?

  • How will the teacher manage Remote Learning and Face To Face instruction simultaneously?

  • If my student stays in Remote Learning, will they be able to participate in Athletics and Extracurricular Activities?

  • Will there be Special Education services in Remote Learning?

  • What will the schedule be for Special Education students during the phase in process?

  • How will redos/retakes (recovery) be addressed in Phase 3 and until the end of first semester?

Nutrition and Meals

  • Will meals be provided for students attending school face to face?

  • Will meals be provided for Remote Learning Students after Oct 14’s return to face-to-face instruction?

  • Do I need to pre-order my student’s meals?

  • What is in a Grab & Go Meal Kit?

  • What is the cost for student meals?

  • Do students attending school in-person need a Student Meal Barcode?

  • Do I need to complete a Free & Reduced Meal Application this school year?

  • Are meals available for students with specific dietary needs?

  • What if my student wants to bring their lunch from home?

Transportation / Operations

  • How will transportation operate for full time face-to-face?

  • How do I find the pick-up and drop-off times for my General Education and Special Needs student (not requiring Special Needs transportation)?

  • Are face coverings required on buses? What other safety precautions are being taken?

  • My child stays with another family member/attends daycare/etc. Will transportation pick them up from and drop them off to this location?

  • What other things should I know about bus transportation?

  • Will outdoor and indoor facility rentals be allowed including after school enrichment programs?

Health and Safety

  • Is wearing a face covering required to attend school Face-to-Face?

  • I want my student to attend school Face-to-Face, but I don’t want him/her to wear a mask.

  • I am scared other parents will send their sick children to school. How will the District keep kids safe from other kids who might be sick?

  • What health and safety precautions will be in place to protect my student from COVID-19?

  • What are our schools doing to clean and disinfect?

  • Are changes being made to HVAC systems or air filters?

  • Will my student have to take a coronavirus test or take other precautions?

  • What happens if my child contracts COVID-19 from someone in the school? What happens if a student or teacher who has COVID-19 is around my child?