• What is PBIS?  
    At Centennial High School, we use positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) as an approach to promote school safety and good behavior. PBIS provides a way for us to teach students about behavior expectations and strategies. The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment. Students are recognized for meeting behavior expectations in the classroom and throughout the school.  
    The Mission of the PBIS Team 
    The mission of the Centennial High School PBIS Team is to create buy-in for students and teachers through their words and actions.  We hold each member of the school community accountable for implementing respect, integrity, and community. The Centennial High School PBIS Team helps the school community learn and grow together to create future leaders and independent members of society. 

    How are students recognized? 
    In addition to verbal praise, we use PBIS Rewards points to recognize students for meeting behavior expectations. Teachers and staff can immediately acknowledge positive student behavior by awarding digital points to students through the district wide PBIS rewards app. Students are able to redeem their points for items or activities in the teacher or school store.   

    **If you are interested to help volunteer or contribute to the school store or events, please reach out to the current PBIS coach: Leggetta@fultonschools.org or schwartzenfe@fultonschools.org  

    Our Centennial High School Matrix outlines the behavior expectation for all students.  

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