Scheduling Night 2023

  • You and your students have questions--we want to help!

    With so many choices, students (and parents) can find it overwhelming to know what's best for them. 

    The advanced studies classes at Alpharetta—whether International Baccalaureate or AP--are some of the best examples of our commitment to create opportunities for excellence, specifically in the area of academics. Likewise our elective and career courses--from video production to orchestra to visual arts, drama, computer science, business management, and more--offer students the chance to engage in specialized content and pathways. 

    Scheduling Night is a great opportunity to help equip yourself and your students with the right information to make the best choices as they progress through the Course Registration process.

    We want students to understand the course requirements, time commitments, and prerequisite skills of the many IB, AP, and elective choices. It's important that students gather all the information they can prior to completing their course selections, as we cannot make schedule changes once the registration process is concluded this spring.

Check back on January 31 for our event!

Join us at 6pm on January 31 for our annual Scheduling Night introduction!
  • rising 9th grade information 10-12th grade students