• Woodland Elementary believes parent involvement is a key component to student success. In fact, multiple studies have shown that students achieve at higher rates, stay in school longer, and generally like school more when parents and the community are involved with the school. So what exactly is parent involvement? 

    Typically, when people think about parent involvement at school, they think about opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering is important, yes, but parent involvement encompasses so much more. Some examples of parent involvement include: 

    • Parent - teacher conferences 
    • Attending a school event
    • Volunteering in your child's classroom
    • Volunteering at a school event
    • Two-way communication with teachers 
    • Learning how to support your child's needs at home
    • Joining PTO
    • Attending a PTO meeting
    • Attending a School Governance Council (SGC) meeting
    • Using on-site resources like the Parent Liaison Room  
    • Volunteering to read with a student 
    • Sharing content area knowledge with students
    • Encouraging community members to donate time, money, or resources 
    • Helping your child with homework
    • And SO MUCH MORE

    Our goal is to provide parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources to support the learning and development of their children. We hope you find the parent involvement resources and information within this section indicative of our goal.