• Welcome to the Nest, our Media Center & Learning Commons!


    General Use

    Our Hawks are always welcome in the Nest with a pass from their teacher! 

    Guidelines for what's available change slightly throughout the day, but we always ask that our students keep the purpose of the library's spaces in mind while they're visiting: creativity, productivity, inspiration, learning, and relaxation are our goals. See below for information on what may be available during your visit.


    HBMS uses a system called SmartPass. The Nest Passes chart below explains the passes to the Nest & the different visit purposes.

    a summary of different passes for the nest

    Before School

    8:20 am - 8:45 am

    • Read in our Reading Room or lounge areas
    • Browse for, check out, & return books
    • Participate in MakerSpace activities
    • Work respectfully in student work areas

    During Classes 

    During 9th Period & All Instructional Times:

    • Students are welcome to come in for book checkouts and returns or are to work in our open workspaces or Nest desktops
    • The MakerSpace is not open unless by special request from the teacher via email
    • We have chargers available if students need to charge their devices while working in the Nest's open work areas


    Visit with Purpose During 4th Period Homeroom:

    • Read in our Reading Room or lounge areas
    • Browse for, return, and check out books
    • Participate in MakerSpace activities
    • Work respectfully in student work areas

    Visit Expectations:

    • While the MakerSpace is often a fun, creative area, it is not an extra recess or playground. Students should speak and interact using "inside voices," and they should be respectful and responsible with the materials provided.
    • Pay attention to announcements from the Nest staff about when to return to homeroom for lunch or dismissal.  
    • Clean up your area and push your chairs under before you leave.

    Students disrupting the creative, productive environment of the Nest at any point during the school day will be asked to leave, and their teacher will be notified of their behavior. Multiple occurrences of disruptive behavior during homeroom will result in students losing visiting privileges during this time of the school day. 

  • What's Happening in the Nest?


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  • Mission & Vision

    Here in the HBMS Nest, we strive to foster a welcoming learning environment that ensures all library patrons feel seen, heard, and valued-- one that ignites the flames of curiosity, creativity, exploration, discovery, and critical thinking within every student. 

    Through a collection of diverse resources, programming, and classroom partnerships, we work to cultivate a lifelong love of reading, provide a multitude of opportunities for inquiry and creative expression, develop confident, ethical consumers and producers of information and content, and empower our students to become independent learners who embrace knowledge, challenge, and innovation. 


  • Meet our Staff


Phone: 470-254-8449


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. English Education M.Ed. Reading Instruction - Literacy Specialist

Ms. Lindsey Keown

Media and Education Technology Instructor

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sarah Hyser

Media Center Paraprofessional



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Deb Dreesman

Media Center Paraprofessional

  • Hours

  • Workspaces + Book Checkouts & Returns

    Mon - Fri  8:20 am - 4:15 pm 


    Mon - Fri 8:20 - 8:45 am & 4th Period (Homeroom)

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