• What does "Connections" mean?

    Connections classes are akin to "Specials" in elementary school. Each grade has two (2) periods of connections each day. There are two options for the Connections track:


    • General Connections classes last nine (9) weeks (i.e. Construction, Art, Business & Computer Science). General Connections are assigned randomly. It is not possible to make requests. P.E. and Health are Fulton County Requirements and must be taken once per year. Your child can only be assigned Health once per year; if your child is placed in Health more than once, please have your child go to see the Curriculum Assistant Principal. See below for the full list of General Connections.
    • Performing Music Connections are yearlong. They are BAND, CHORUS, ORCHESTRA.



    This option is for those students who sign up to take Band, Chorus, or Orchestra for the entire school year. Students selecting this option will take one period of Band, Chorus, or Orchestra and one period of general connections.

    2) GENERAL CONNECTIONS PROGRAM: This option is for those students who wish to explore several different program areas and who do not wish to be in the Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. Students will participate in two class periods of Connections, which will be randomly assigned.  GENERAL CONNECTIONS - REQUESTS NOT PERMITTED

    General Connections classes:

    • Art - Students follow the FCS Art Curriculum to learn and make art in multiple formats.
    • Business - This academic class focuses on computer and business skills. Students learn how to make resumes, use software such as Excell, learn to dress professionally, and make business proposals (i.e. Shark Tank). 
    • Construction & Architecture - Students learn the types of tools about the various professions in construction and are introduced to plumbing, building, and electrical wiring. This class is both academic and hands-on. 
    • Family and Consumer Science - Students learn how to cook, shop, and run a household. 
    • Health 
    • P.E. 


    • AVID - The focus of AVID is to give students the skills to put them on track for college. Open to 6th-grade in the second semester, and to 7th-grade and 8th-grade as a year-long course.
    • High School Intro to Art  - 8th-grade only. 
    • High School Band - 8th-grade only
    • High School Health - 8th-grade only
    • High School Physical Fitness - 8th-grade only