• Fine Arts Department


    Fine Arts Department


                                                           Vision Statement: 

    We teach Fine Arts  because it is science, it is mathematical, it is a langue, it is history, it is

    physical education, and it is mostly art. We teach fine arts, not because we expect you to

    major in a fine arts.  We teach fine arts not because we expect you to play, sing, act or draw

    all your life, not so you can relax, not so you can have fun, but so you will be human.  We

    teach teach fine Arts so you will recognize beauty and so you will be sensitive.  We teach fine

    arts so you will be closer to an Infinite beyond this world and so you will have something to

    cling to, something that will help you love, be compassionate, gentle, and live life. 

    This is why we teach fine arts.