• Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based approach schools can use to improve school safety and promote positive behavior. It also helps schools decide how to respond to a student who does not meet the schoolwide and classroom based expectations. PBIS calls on schools to teach students about behavior, just as they would teach about any other subject, like reading or math. PBIS recognizes that students can only meet behavior expectations if they know what the expectations are, so a hallmark of a school using PBIS is that everyone knows what the expectations are and how to meet them. Throughout the school day, in class, in the hallways, cafeteria, and throughout the school, students understand what’s expected of them.

    At Autrey Mill Middle school we expect that all students are respectful and responsible. Throughout the school there are PBIS Behavior Matrices. The PBIS behavior matrix is a chart that clearly communicates our school's expectations for positive behaviors in various school environments. It aides both teachers and administrators in teaching, modeling, and reinforcing PBIS in the classroom, hallway, bathrooms, cafeteria, and even at home. Students will be held accountable for meeting this school-wide expectations. 

  • For more information about PBIS, please visit pbis.org.