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    It's SGC elections season again! SGC Elections are a way for parents and teachers who are elected onto the council to have a role in the vision and direction of the school. To declare or learn more about this process, please visit the SGC Elections page.

    It all starts with elections!

    • Candidate Declaration Window:  February 1 - April 24                                       
    • Voting Window: To Be Announced
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    Next Meeting: January 13 at 7:30am

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SGC Overview

  • The purpose of the School Governance Council is to provide parents, school staff, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the school. The School Governance Council is a governing body that is representative of the community and the school, but operates under the control and management of the Board of Education. The Council is responsible for making decisions regarding the strategic direction of the school including: 

    a.) Approve the school strategic plan and updates 
    b.) Approve the annual budget recommendations and resource allocations 
    c.) Manage Request for Flexibility process
    d.) Participate in hiring of the principal (in the case of a vacancy) 
    e.) Provide annual feedback on principal performance 

    Webb Bridge's School Governance Council welcomes feedback related to the school strategic plan and implementation of related programs.  You may contact any council member in person or via email (below).  Public Comment time is also allocated at the beginning of each regularly-scheduled SGC meeting. The protocol for requesting a two-minute time slot is linked here.

  • School Governance Councils

    • School Governance Councils are an integral component of Fulton's charter system. School Governance Councils, or SGCs, are responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic direction of the schools.​


      Powers & Responsibilities

      The responsibilities of SGCs are as follows:

      • Approve the school's Strategic Plan
      • Approve the school's budget recommendations
      • Manage the Request for Flexibility process
      • Participate in the hiring process when hiring a new principal
      • Provide feedback on the principal's performance
      • Interface with the school's Title I committee (where applicable)



      The SGC has 9 voting members:​

      • 3 parents/guardians (elected by parents/guardians of the school)
      • ​2 teachers (elected by school employees)
      • 2 community members (nominated by the principal, approved by the SGC)
      • 2 school employees (appointed by the principal)

      The principal serves on all SGCs as a non-voting member. Additionally, 2 students serve on high school SGCs as non-voting members. This makes a total of 10 SGC members in elementary and middle schools and 12 members at high schools.


      Public Meetings

      All SGC meetings are open to the public per Georgia's Open Meetings Act and agendas and minutes are to be posted per Georgia's Open Records Act. Members of the public do not participate in SGC meetings but may provide comment through designated public comment periods or in written form (email/letter) to members. Visit your school's School Governance Council website to learn more.


Meeting Dates

  • ​Meeting Location: 


    All meetings will begin at 7:30 a.m.

    Meeting Dates:

    August 19

    September 16

    October 21

    November 18

    December 16

    January 13

    February 24

    March 17

    April 21

    May 19

    June 16 

  • SGC Committees

    Budget and Finance: Melissa Turner, Pranav Singh, Erin Schuler, Saira Joseph, Rebecca Williams, Phebe Conners (Chair)

    Principals Selection: Shadia Anderson, Debbie Sheftel, Melissa Turner, Pranav Singh 

    Outreach and Communication: Amber Bean (Chair), Debbie Sheftel, Shadia Anderson, Rebecca Williams Shaunda Edmonds

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