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    Ms. Ragghianti Media and Educational Technology Instructor M.E.T.I. (Right) and Mrs. Reavis-Jefferson Lead Media Center Paraprofessional (Left)



  • Policies and Procedures 

    All students will visit the library! K- 5th are on a flex schedule. Teachers may sign up for library time, checkout, and lessons. Students have the opportunity to come to the media center independently to browse or checkout books.  

    Media Center Hours: 

    The Ison Springs Media Center is open 7:10 am until 2:00. pm. 

    Circulation Policy:

    Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade may check out one book. 
    2nd Grade - 5th Grade students may check out two books. 
    Books are checked out for two weeks. 


    The parent/guardian must pay for all damaged or lost books. Students that haven’t replaced or paid for their books will not be allowed to checkout.
    To pay for a lost/damaged book please either write a check to the school or you can pay cash (no credit cards). You also have the option of rebuying the lost book yourself. If you rebuy the book it must be in good condition and it must be a hardbound or library bound book.  

  • e-library

    ClassLink has an app called e-library. It is your eResource library! There are tons of ebooks, audiobooks, and other research databases available for your use at school or home.   
    First Step: Go to the Ison Springs Website then click on ClassLink.  
    Second Step: Select the app e-library   
    Third Step: Choose your app.


    Destiny- books available to checkout at the physical library (you can put books on hold and pick them up)


    MackinVIA- electronic books (e-books online) and links to research databases


    Sora- electronic books (e-books)


    World Book- research database


  • volunteer

    Come volunteer for the book fair. It is coming in November. You can work at the cash register, assist students with finding books, or help with set up/ breaking down. Thank you for coming and giving your time!  

    *Parent/Student Handbook Information About Volunteering At Ison

    Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and get involved at Ison Springs Elementary. All volunteers must complete the Fulton County Schools “Volunteer Registration Process” & undergo a background check (administered by the school) before gaining approval to volunteer in the building.
  • Digital Citizenship 

    Digital Citizenship is curriculum produced by Common Sense Media that is taught at all Fulton schools. The lessons teach students how to use digital media in a safe way. There are activities focused on internet safety and online manners. Some of the lessons include guidelines about personal information, cyberbullying, cheating, communication, copyright, digital footprints, and self-image. 
    Like all lessons learned in school, it’s imperative that parents also talk with their children about how to stay safe online in this technological age! Common Sense Media has many articles about how to help your child navigate the internet, reviews on movies/games, and general parent media concerns.  
    As the METI at Ison Springs Elementary I teach most of the lessons. I thoroughly enjoy instructing these smart scholars about how to use the internet safety without letting it become intimidating!   


    Digital Citizenship

  • Reading Bowl Book Club 

    In the Ison Springs Book Club we will be reading books that correlate with the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (Grades 4th and 5th). 

    The following list is for elementary schools         

    1. Brockenbough, M. (2023). To Catch a Thief. Scholastic.
    2. Case, J. (2022). Little Monarchs. Margaret Ferguson Books.          
    3. Kuyatt, M. E. (2023). Good Different. Scholastic.
    4. Ortega, C. A. (2023). Frizzy. First Second Books.
    5. Reynolds, J. (2023). It’s the End of the World and I’m in My Bathing Suit. Scholastic.
    6. Souders, T. (2023) The Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle. Sourcebooks.
    7. Tandon, N. (2022) The Way I Say It. Charlesbridge.
    8. Tang, B. (2023). Parachute Kids. Graphix.
    9. Thomas, A. (2023). Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy. Balzer + Bray.
    10. Warga, J. (2022). A Rover’s Story. Balzer + Bray