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    In Fulton County, we believe:

    A developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in health and physical education is essential for meeting the diverse needs of all students.

    A quality health and physical education program will foster the development of motor skills, physical fitness, emotional strength, maturity, values, healthful decision-making and the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness.

    Participation in daily health and physical education is an integral and inseparable part of the total K-12 educational experience.


    Our Goals

    The goals of the Fulton County K-12 health and physical education program are to:

    • Provide a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience through exposure to a wide variety of activities and quality instruction at all levels.
    • Recognize that participation in health and physical education can lead to an understanding and appreciation of diversity.
    • Provide for the development of effective and efficient fundamental motor skills.
    • Promote the acquisition of skills and beliefs needed to pursue a lifetime of involvement in physical activity and healthful decision-making.
    • Promote an understanding of the relationship between physical activity and life-long health, and assume responsibility for personal health.
    • Provide an environment which is safe and conducive to self-expression, enjoyment and creativity.
    • Promote the relationship between health and physical education, school, community and life through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction where appropriate.


    Did You Know?

    It is a federal requirement that all districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program have a Wellness Policy. The District Wellness Council, comprised of stakeholders representing School Nutrition, Student Health Services, Physical Education, Athletics, Communications, and parents, reviews the Wellness Policy. View the Wellness Policy at and provide input to

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