Facilities Services Departments

  • Facilities Services provide the students, staff and community of Fulton County with high performance facilities that support college and career readiness and are consistently recognized as meeting the commitments made to the community.




    The Maintenance Services Department provides preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and emergency response services to all facilities and equipment in the Fulton County School system in a cost-effective manner that is transparent to building occupants. The primary mission is to keep all facilities and equipment serviced and operating properly to create a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning, teaching and all other activities that occur in the educational process.

    South Maintenance     470-254-3434  

    North Maintenance     470-254- 7070  



    Receive, transfer, store and distribute designated materials from other departments or schools. This material includes; classroom furniture, frozen/dry food, textbooks, special education, records and specialized school equipment such as computers.

    Printing Operations
    Provides commercial level printing where the cost of printing is charged back to the schools and departments. This operation produces over 25 million impressions a year and saves the school district twenty to thirty-five percent.

    Surplus Program
    Operate a surplus school equipment and material program that picks up, redistributes, declares and disposes of surplus.

    You call - We haul
    Phone: 470-254-8000



    The Environmental Services Department promotes  technical competencies in the custodial staff that reflect the industry standard, manage hazardous waste, refuse collection, lawn maintenance, custodial contracts and investigate IAQ concerns as these relate to providing a safe, clean, healthy and attractive instructional environment that supports student learning.

    Phone: 470-254-8983


    The Utilities Services Department  provides ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration services throughout the school system in a cost effective, transparent manner that enhances the educational process. Additional responsibilities include demand-side management of all utilities and budget responsibilities for utilities.

    Phone: 470-254-8990