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You Can Make a Difference

  • Thank you for your interest in making a difference for the students and schools in Fulton County through community partnerships!

    When you partner with a school or the school district, your contributions of time, talent or financial support help FCS reach a goal that everyone in our community shares: Preparing students to succeed on their chosen paths. We seek parents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, civic groups, and faith community partners to enrich our students' lives.  

Partners & Volunteers

  • Fulton County Schools values and promotes active engagement of the community in all of our schools. Thousands of individuals serve as volunteers in our schools each year. Volunteer opportunities may include:

    • Serving as tutors, mentors, or guest speakers 
    • Providing assistance in classrooms, cafeteria, media center, or main office 
    • Organizing student enrichment and recognition activities 
    • Supporting special events, athletics, and school governance councils 

    We welcome you into our schools and request that you first visit our Volunteer Registration Portal to learn more and begin the process. 

    Partnerships are created through mutual beneficial agreements with the school directly or district department and the community organization or business entity. The Annual Partnership Agreement is a starting point for partnership activities to document all school partners.

    To learn more about each of these areas, and to see Best Practices and additional information, click the links below: