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Mountain Park Elementary students “Branch into Government”

As part of their Schoolwide Enrichment Model (S.E.M.), the fifth-graders at Mountain Park Elementary School participated in hands-on activities to learn about the American government and the U.S. motto, E Pluribus Unum.

Students learned about the origins of the American government and its system of checks and balances. They explored the three branches of government and the functions of each. Finally, they learned about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the amendments that have been made to the Constitution.  At the conclusion of this unit, the 170 fifth-graders will explore the paths candidates take as they run for public office, and they will look forward to November mid-term elections.

On October 8, the students had a school assembly to meet with representatives from all three branches of government. They discussed their valuable roles in the community and answered questions from the children. Guests included Lucy Moses, Jury and Naturalization Administrator at the U.S. District Court; John Albers, Georgia Senator Elect; and Roswell Mayor Jere Wood.

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (S.E.M.) at Mountain Park Elementary is a practical model for infusing "high-end learning" into local school efforts while simultaneously challenging all students. The model involves comprehensive, collaborative planning by teachers, specialists, administrators, and parents. A focus on developing student creativity and higher level thinking skills incorporates a hands-on approach to learning, taking into consideration student interests and learning styles. Engaging students in meaningful activities to enhance the existing curriculum is the key to the success of Mountain Park's Schoolwide Enrichment Model.