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Baby bird saved by Evoline C. West Elementary School students

On April 23, a few days after Earth Day, Colleen Giannotta’s fourth grade class at Evoline C. West Elementary School celebrated in a unique way.

A student spotted a baby bird early in the morning, and he urged his class into action. They placed the bird carefully back in its nest, and then built two makeshift nests to hang below the original, in case the bird should fall again. Students also dug for worms to put in the nest, in case the baby should be hungry. Thankfully, the mother bird returned a few days later and the young bird is doing well.

Students learned an important lesson about showing compassion and caring for their environment. Aaron Vaughn, the student who found the bird, wrote about the experience, “I could just feel how [the bird] feels, and that is sad…Most of all I hope this doesn’t happen to any other animal.”