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News Submissions
School employees are invited to submit articles and pictures for the web site, which are then reviewed for appropriateness, uniqueness and educational value to the public. 

It is preferred, however, that the employee work with his or her school’s publicity liaison (see 'How else can school information be promoted?' below). That person has been trained on local school publicity and the requirements for sending information to the news media and the school system web site. The requirements include accuracy and thoroughness of information as well as parental permission to use photos of students.

Stories are selected by the Communications Department and are usually featured for seven days and are then archived. The department strives to give all schools an equal chance to be featured, which means that not every story can be featured on the system web site. 

How are stories judged and selected for the web site?

Primary criteria:

Appropriateness. Is the story appropriate for the system web site, or is it better featured on the individual school’s web site?

Uniqueness. Is this activity or event something unique to the school, or is it a common activity among many schools?

Timeliness. How old is the information? Is it too old for the web?
Photos. Is there a good quality, visually interesting photo that shows the impact of the program or event?
Impact to the system. Does the story relate to the entire school system or does it affect just one school or geographical area?
Educational value. Is this a story that gives the public an “inside look” at education in the Fulton County School System?

Secondary criteria:

School visibility. How frequently or recently has this school or activity been featured on the system web site or in the mainstream mass media?
Other communication tools. Can this information be better communicated by other communication tools (traditional news media, school newsletters, etc.)?
What doesn’t get posted?
The district web site really isn't the forum for individual student or staff awards, since there are 93,000+ students and 14,000+ employees, making it difficult to determine which deserve the spotlight – they are all deserving but can’t all be featured. These stories are more appropriate for the school’s individual web site. Instead, we focus on overall school honors, or if featuring student awards, it's because several students from several schools won in the same competition (i.e. Technology Fair, Science Fair, National Merit Scholars, etc.).  
How else can school information be promoted?
Each school has a local school publicity representative. This person has been trained by the Communications Department in how to share information with local newspapers and TV media. If that person is not known, contact the Communications Department and request the information.

Where should story submissions be sent?
Schools are asked to send their information to communications@fultonschools.org. This email address autoforwards to several people in the Communications Department, as well as to FCSTV Ch. 24, so it ensures that the information is received by a wide variety of school system sources.​