Fulton County Schools to Hol​​​​​​​​d Safety Meetings with the Community

Fulton County Schools will engage the community about school safety at two specially held meetings ​– Tuesday, March 6, at Banneker High School and Thur​sday, March 8, at Centennial High School. Both will be held 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the schools’ gymnasiums.

Superintendent Jeff Rose will lead a discussion on current security measures, including the way training, drills and safety plans prepare schools for potential scenarios as well as the investments being made in safety. Also, he will introduce members of the FCS police force, local police departments, and the school system’s Psychological, Counseling and Social Work department to speak about community partnerships, mental health, and preventative strategies.

The meeting will open as a general session to hear from the district’s safety experts. Then attendees will be divided into small groups to provide feedback on the discussion. Facilitators will capture the information and share it with the Safety and Security team for strengthening the district’s current practices.

General safety information and protocols will be discussed, but specific strategies will not be shared so that the district’s tactical advantage is protected when responding to a potential security event. Although the information will be suitable for all ages, parents should exercise judgement when deciding whether to bring young children.

Banneker High School is located at 6015 Feldwood Road in College Park and Centennial High School is located at 9310 Scott Road in Roswell.​


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