Fulton County Schools’ Statement on Safety and Security Following Florida School Shooting

​On Wednesday, the nation experienced a tragic shooting at Broward County’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. We join with school districts across the U.S. in mourning the unfortunate loss of life and the suffering of students, staff and an entire school community.

These events remind us that school violence can happen anywhere and at any time. It also reinforces why our schools routinely review and practice their safety plans to prepare in the event of an emergency.

As students and staff returned to Fulton County Schools today, the district took all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our schools and other facilities. The Safety and Security team moved swiftly to redeploy staff where needed, including reassigning non-essential staff to our schools (particularly those with one officer assigned) and increasing patrols at our schools and other facilities.

Additionally, for students and staff who may need support following news of the Florida shooting, our crisis team is offering resources and have made staff available to respond to any concerns they may have.

We want to reassure our community that our school district, as well as our schools, places a high priority on safety and security and that we take our responsibility seriously to provide an atmosphere where students feel safe, comfortable, and ready to learn.


Fulton County Schools Statement

On Wednesday, March 14 Fulton County Schools experienced a successful day. Our students supported and honored the teenagers and families of murdered and injured victims in Parkland, Florida. We can report peaceful and positive expressions of support from nearly 23,000 students at 36 middle and high schools throughout our district. We are proud of our students and staff; they represented themselves and FCS extremely well.

The district collaborated with principals and provided schools with guidance for our student-led and staff supported events to ensure we abided by our FCS policies. However, one incident at Cambridge High School has caused concern. At the end of the event, two students stood up on a picnic table and began to read their comments. A teacher then told them they would  not able to read their speeches. We have determined that the students should have been able to read and finish their comments, and we apologize. We are a learning organization, and we will use this incident to help us support student perspectives in the future.       

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