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   Welcome to the Office of Research and Evaluation

​​Research and Evaluation:​

· Conducts program evaluations of federal and state grant-funded programs;

· Designs and implements research studies of major District, School and Classroom initiatives;

· Facilitates critical research by outside individuals in support of the District's mission and vision'

· Assists the Office of Grant Development with the preparation of grant applications; and

· Provides technical support to administrative offices, superintendents and school in collecting,   analyzing, and reporting on progress and impact of programs

          Housed within the office:


​Conducting External Research

Fulton County Schools frequently receives requests from individuals and organizations to conduct research studies, evaluations and surveys involving students, teachers, principals, and administrators. While it is District policy to cooperate with researchers whose projects might benefit education, all individuals and organizations interested in conducting research in the District must have their proposals re viewed and approved by the Office of Research and Evaluation's Research Review Committee.  This includes questionnaires/surveys and evaluations of interventions being conducted in the schools.

At this time, we are only interested in projects that are aligned with the District's Strategic Plan incorporate timely feedback of results to District leadership.  Also, due to the challenges associated with the new school year, the Research Review Committee will not approve new studies associated with school-based interventions to be implemented between 00/00???? and 00/00/????.  (Ongoing interventions in schools will be unaffected by this decision.)

It is incumbent upon the District to ensure that research studies and surveys do not interfere with instruction or require excessive pupil or staff time.  Additionally, we review proposals for compliance with Federal regulations concerned with student records, privacy and participation in research studies.  Ultimate responsibility for authorization rests with the Deputy, Research and Evaluation and the Chief Information Officer.

We strongly recommend that you read the District's Strategic Plan and all posted documents to ensure full understanding of these guidelines and procedures for conducting research, evaluations and surveys within the Fulton County School District.

In addition to reviewing research proposals, the Office of Research and Evaluation processes all data requests for the District.  Data requests should be made to the Office of Research and Evaluation using the Online Data Request Form.  If your request is associated with a research project (which is almost always the case with requests for identifiable data), please indicate this in your data request and, if possible, provide the proposal number.  Because of the volume of requests received, it will take at least 30 business days for you data request to be filled (beyond the research review process, if applicable).