2015 North Fulton Redistricting

Each time a redistricting effort is under way, the school system holds community meetings to gather information needed to draft a redistricting proposal that best meets the community's needs. Meetings were held last fall regarding elementary redistricting, and this year's rezoning process will take that feedback into account as well as the new comments received this year.

2014 North Fulton Redistricting


Two community meetings are set to address the redistricting process for two new schools in Roswell. One of the schools ("Highway 9 Elementary School") is already constructed at the intersection of Highway 9 and Thomas Drive in Roswell and is serving as the temporary location of Esther Jackson Elementary. In August 2016, the Highway 9 school will re-open with a new identity (official name TBD) to the students in its newly developed attendance zone. The newly rebuilt Esther Jackson Elementary School also will open on its original Martin Road site with a new student body.


Timeline for Redistricting Process 2015

Meetings will be held at Esther Jackson Elementary School. All meetings will begin at 7:00pm and end at 9:00pm.


          Esther Jackson Elementary School/Highway 9 ES Site ( 1201 Alpharetta Street, Roswell 30075 )

​        Forum One         ​Forum Two​       
Esther Jackson Elementary SchoolThursday, November 5​Thursday, December 3


  Forum One - November 2015

  • Staff presented alternative proposals that were developed with established criteria and community input from the last redistricting.
  • Community members commented on strengths and weaknesses of each plan in facilitated small-group discussions.  
  • Prior to the next community forum, staff  will condense the number of attendance zone alternatives based on public input.

   Round 1 Agenda (English)  Round 1 Agenda (Spanish)
   Round 1 Presentation 
   Round 1 Online Comment Form (The form closed at 11:59 pm on Monday, November 9, 2015)
   Round 1 Handout (Revised as of November 17, 2015)
Round 1 Plan A Map
   Round 1 Plan B Map
   Round 1 Meeting Comments
   Round 1 Online Comments (Map A)
   Round 1 Online Comments (Map B)

  Forum Two - December 2015

  • Staff presented a draft proposal for new attendance zones.
  • Community members commented on strengths and weaknesses of the plan in facilitated small-group discussions.
  • Staff used comments to develop a final attendance zone recommendation for Board consideration.

  Round 2 Agenda (English)  Round 2 Agenda (Spanish)
  Round 2 Presentation 
  Round 2 Online Comment Form (The form closed on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 11:59 pm)
  Round 2 Handout
  Round 2 Draft Plan
  Round 2 Meeting Comments
  Round 2 Online Comments Map


   Final Recommendation

North Fulton Final Recommendation Map
Final Recommendation Packet


    Final Approval

North Fulton Approved Packet
North Fulton Approved Map



The Fulton County Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the new attendance zones in February 2016.  Changes in elementary school attendance zones will go into effect in August 2016.

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