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How To Rent a Fulton County School Facility

​We now have over 1500 organizations using our schools for cultural, recreational, civic, educational and faith based activities.  For 2016-17, the District approved and processed just over 8000 requests totaling 82,857 events held throughout our schools this past year. 

The Facility Rentals Department is excited about the new school year 2017-2018.  Please read below for more information about renting our school facilities.  Please contact Vanessa at landoffice@fultonschools.org or 470-254-1746 or email facilityrental@fultonschools.org at the Fulton County Schools' Facility Rental Office for any questions concerning Fulton County Schools' Policies and Procedures, or Facility Use Requests.  

All third party organizations are to submit their school facility use requests by using our facility rental/SchoolDude web-based support application.

The School Community Calendar does not reflect internal school events.

The Community Calendar may not reflect all events as some requests are still pending approval.

Invoices are generated after final approval by the Facility Rental Department.

Please send Insurance Certificates to: facilityrental@fultonschools.org

After Hours Emergency Contact:
North Maintenance (770) 740-7070
South Maintenance (770) 969-3434

Emergency dispatch operator will answer your call and contact an "on call" foreman. You should receive a return call within 15 minutes from the "on call" foreman

Please read the "Information Notes" below prior to submitting your application. This will result in less confusion and reduce any delay in securing the use of school facilities.

To complete the school facility use application please perform the following steps:

Step 1 - Go to the "Community Calendar" link found under "Resources" on the upper right side of this page.

Step 2 - Once you go  onto the "Community Calendar" link, click the "Login to Request Facility Use" link found in the upper right corner of the calendar page.

Step 3 - Need a login to register as a third party entity?  Go to the  Community Calendar link, then click on the "Create One" link to begin the registration process.
(If you need instructions on how to register to use the calendar, you can access the "Registration Manual for Outside Organizations" contained within the list on the upper right side of this page).

Already have a login? Enter your login information to submit your facility use requests. (If you need  instructions on ""How to Submit a Facility Use Request", you can access the Facility Use Request Manual contained within the list on the upper right side of this page).

Please contact SchoolDude for any questions on how to submit online registration. For SchoolDude assistance, call 1-877-868-3833 or email support@schooldude.com.

Information Notes - See additional information below for completing the application which can be found by clicking the links on right side of this page.
  • Review Rules for Renters
  • Review Rental Fee Schedule
  • Review Payment Information
  • Review Insurance Requirements
  • Review School Community Calendar for availability of Facilities
  • Review Flow Chart for approval process
  • Review FAQ
  • Review Board Policy for Facilities Rentals
  • Review Registration Manual for Outside Organizations
  • Review Facility Use Request Manual

    Information you will need:
  • Provide name of organization and representative
  • Provide school facility / location
  • Provide activity and / or purpose
  • Provide date and time of request
  • Provide room area(s)
  • Provide approximate number of persons attending event
  • Verify if an admission fee will be charged and how much
  • Verify if event is a fundraiser
  • Verify if food will be served
  • Provide Certificate of Insurance
Individuals cannot rent school facilities.

Requestors will be required to check for conflicts by clicking the "Check Availability" button within the facilities rental of the community calendar page prior to submitting you request. If a request is submitted containing a scheduling conflict with an already approved event it will be declined.