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December 2017 Newsletter
Visit www.fcsnutrition.com for menus and more!

Fulton County School Nutrition Program receives 2017 Golden Radish Award PLATINUM level Recognition by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Fulton County Schools has received the "Golden Radish" award for its level of commitment to providing fresh, locally grown foods to students.

The Golden Radish Award publicly recognizes school districts for all aspects of farm-to-school, from local food procurement to hosting taste tests and gardening with students. The award is sponsored by Georgia's Departments of Agriculture, Education and Public Health, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and Georgia Organics.

Fulton County Schools was recognized at the Platinum level for its accomplishments during the 2016-2017 school year, including:

  • Serving 4,141,291 meals that included locally grown food.

  • Promoting local food in the cafeterias by displaying information about the farmers and fun facts to highlight local items during announcements. Cafeteria managers also visit classrooms to show students the local foods, including where they are from and how they are prepared for meal service.

  • Integrating farm-to-school into standards-based curriculum with lessons on plant life cycles, organic farming, experiential agriculture in school gardens, as well as edible plant part identification.

“We were thrilled to be recognized as a Platinum Level recipient of the Golden Radish Award,” said Alyssia Wright, executive director of the district’s School Nutrition Program. “The Platinum level was added this year, so it is an honor to be recognized as a one of only nine school districts in the state to win this award. This is a districtwide accomplishment between the School Nutrition Program, school staff, and administration.”

This is Fulton County Schools’ sixth consecutive year receiving the Golden Radish Award.


Café Serves Chef-Inspired Georgia Grown Kale & Apple Salad!

This December, the café is featuring a farm fresh and chef-inspired Kale & Apple Salad at lunch as part of Fulton County’s School Nutrition Farm to School Initiative. Maximizing peak freshness, the Kale was grown and harvested in Norman Park, Georgia! Because it’s grown closer to home it helps support our local farmers, and takes less fuel to get it to our cafe! The dark leafy green kale is not only locally grown, but also is great for your body! Kale is packed with vitamins A, C and K! You’ve got to try this Kale & Apple Salad, served in the cafeteria as a side salad!


Did You Know?

It is a federal requirement that all districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program have a Wellness Policy. The District Wellness Council, comprised of stakeholders representing School Nutrition, Student Health Services, Physical Education, Athletics, Communications, and parents, reviews the Wellness Policy. View the Wellness Policy at www.fcsnutrition.com and provide input to schoolnutrition@fultonschools.org



Fulton County School Nutrition is now hiring café workers! Positions are part-time with benefits available. We follow the FCS calendar for holidays and breaks. We are seeking long-term committed individuals to join our school café team.


FOR INFORMATION: Contact Itist Revels, 470-254-8960 or revelsi@fultonschools.org


The Fulton County School Nutrition Program Wishes you a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

Central Office will be closed for Winter Break:

 December 22, 2017 - January 3, 2018.

School Meal service resumes Monday, January 8th upon student return from the holidays.


​ This institution is an equal opportunity​ provider. ​