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Wellness Policy

​​Policy Detail:

The Board of Education recognizes the importance of healthy students, by supporting comprehensive wellness, which includes good nutrition, regular physical activity and other school based activities that are designed to promote student wellness, as part of the total learning environment.

Wellness Council:

There will be a system Wellness Council.  This coordinated health advisory group will be representative of the eight areas of comprehensive school health which are: student health services; health education; physical education; nutritional services; counseling, psychological, and social services; school environment; health promotion for staff; and family and community involvement. The council's purpose will be to address school health issues using a coordinated approach in order to improve student health and wellness. 


School meals and after school snacks will meet federal, state, and local regulations and guidance as issued by the Secretary of Agriculture under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Georgia State Board of Education, and Fulton County Board of Education. Nutrition standards will be set for foods available during the school day to students.

Nutrition Education:

Nutrition education will be a component of health education instruction in grades K- 12. Course content will be in accordance with Georgia standards. 

Farm to School: 

The school district will support the development of farm to school programs to help students eat more nutritious foods and promote healthier lifelong eating patterns; support the local economy and local farmers; and teach students about the origins of their foods and how their food is grown.  Nutrition education messages from the classroom will be modeled in the cafeteria and across campus by offering locally-grown food whenever possible within the reimbursable federal meal program as well as a la carte sales.

Physical Activity:

Physical education instruction will be available at all levels and shall be taught by a certified teacher.  Course content will be in accordance with Georgia standards.


Each school will annually report (beginning August 06) provisions which include nutritional and physical activity practices for students. Each school will annually (beginning May 07) collect information on those nutritional and activity based wellness practices and report on those practices.