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Special Diet Requests

​​If your student needs to receive a special diet at school during the 2016-2017 school year, please read this information carefully.

The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" requires schools to follow strict meal patterns and dietary specifications. Meals for children with medical disabilities that restrict their diet are not affected by the new meal patterns. Those meals will be provided based on a medical statement from a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.

Special diets for students without severe, life-threatening allergies or dietary requirements based on a disability will no longer be available.

Whether a student has a medical disability requiring a special diet depends on the specific student. Generally speaking:

  • ​​Any student whose licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner certifies that the student has a severe, life threatening (anaphylactic) reaction may qualify for a special diet. 
  • Students who have intolerances but do not require specialized diets as a result of a disability will not qualify for special diets. For instance, students who have lactose intolerance but do not require a special diet as a result of a disability will not qualify. 
​​Note: A substitute for milk or other requests based on intolerances, not a disability, will not be provided.
  • Students with disabilities whose licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner ​certifies the students require specialized diets or meals as a result of their disability will qualify.
  • Students who receive meal accommodations based on current specific dietary accommodations in their 504 Plan or IEP will receive those accommodations, but we do ask for the most current information as dietary needs change. 

​If you believe your child qualifies for a special diet, the Medical Plan of Care for School Nutrition Program form (available in the school clinic) MUST be completed and returned to the school clinic. New forms are still required each school year. If your student is eligible for a special diet based on this information, the School Nutrition Program will then meet with you to establish a plan that meets your student's needs. 

​Please be aware that we continue to receive updated guidance from USDA on this topic. We may need to ask for additional information in the future, and we apologize for this inconvenience. 

If you have questions, please contact the School Nutrition Department at 470-254-8960.