Next Steps for Teacher Applicants

You've applied with Fulton County for a teaching position so what's next?  The guide below should help you determine your next steps to be eligible for a teaching position in Fulton County Schools.


I hold an Out of State Certificate that I need to convert to a Georgia Certificate.

You will need to start an application for reciprocity through the Georgia PSC.  The PSC will issue you a letter of eligibility which you should upload under your Application Materials on your online application.  For further instructions, go here

I have passed (or exempt from) the GACE Program Admission, but I have not passed a GACE Content Area Exam.

Unless you hold a degree in the content area that you will be teaching (see below), you will also need to take and pass a GACE content area assessment.  More information on GACE Assessments can be found here.  Please update your online application as soon as you have passed the test.  It is strongly recommended that you upload your GACE score report to your Application Materials on your online application.

I have passed (or exempt from) the GACE Program Admission and passed the GACE Content Area Exam.

Passing GACE scores qualifies you for an Induction Pathway 4 certificate.  This certificate will be issued after you obtain employment.  You will also (once hired) be required to:

1.  Complete the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment – Program Entry (350) within 30 days of hire date.

2.  Enroll in a state approved, teacher preparation program leading to certification (in field that you were hired) OR enroll in a Fulton approved Alternative Certification Program (QUESTT, GaTAPP, etc.).

For more information on Alternative Pathway options, go here

I have a BA/BS (or higher) degree in a relevant content area and would like to begin teaching through Fulton's Empowering Teachers Program.

Prospective teachers that hold a degree in the content area that they would like to teach may be eligible to begin teaching through Fulton's Empowering Teachers (non-certified) program.  There are specific requirements that must be met including passing or exempting from the GACE Program Admission test and completing coursework once hired.  Please visit our Pathways to Teaching page, Option 3, for more specific information regarding this pathway.

I do not know if I meet exemption for the GACE Program Admission (formerly Basic Skills) Test.

More information on exemption from the Program Admission test can be found here  under "Options to Satisfy the Program Admission Assessment Requirement".

I am fluent in a Foreign Language, but my teaching certificate is in another field.

If you hold a Standard Professional Georgia Certificate in another field, you may be able to add a provisional language field.  Please contact certification@fultonschools.org for more information.

I am fluent in a Foreign Language, but my degree is not in that language and I have not taken a GACE Exam.

You may qualify for a permit to teach foreign language.  Please email teacherselection@fultonschools.org for more information.

I am not sure if I have the credentials to be a teacher.

Fulton County Schools offers many different alternative pathways to become a teacher, but there are some basic requirements for eligibility.  Please visit our First Steps to Becoming a Teacher page or contact talentmanagement@fultonschools.org for more information.