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Pension Board


​ ​Pension Board Members 2017-18

Dr. Jeff Rose, Board Member (Non-Voting)​

Dr. Rose serves in an ex-officio capacity and is the Superintendent of Fulton County Schools.

Email: superintendent@fultonschools.org


Mr. Stuart Berry, Board Member

Mr. Berry represents the active employee group and has over 10 years of service with the District.  Mr. Berry is an assistant manager in our transportation division. 

Email: berrysc@fultonschools.org


Mr. Robert Morales, Board Member

Mr. Morales serves in an ex officio capacity and is the Chief Financial Officer of Fulton County Schools.  

 Email: moralesr@fultonschools.org


Mr. Ferman Estrada, Board Member

Mr. Estrada began his employment with Fulton   County Schools as a custodial worker in 1974. In 1977, he transferred to the maintenance department where he worked as a HVAC mechanic and retired from that position in 2005.  Mr. Estrada is representing the retired employee population.

Email: estradaf@fultonschools.org

​Mr. Robert (Sam) Ham, Board Member

Mr. Ham is serving as a representative of the active employee population. Mr. Ham has been employed with the school system for 17 years all within the Transportation Department.  He has served in a variety of capacities and is currently the Director of Transportation.

Email: ham@fultonschools.org

Dr. Natalie Lambright, Board Member    

Dr. Lambright was a teacher with Fulton County Schools for over 34 years until her retirement in 2012.  She is serving as a representative of the retired employee population. 

Email: lambright@fultonschools.org

​Mr. Steve Curry, Board Member

Mr. Curry began his career with Fulton County Schools in 1985 as a vocational teacher at Milton High School before he was promoted to assistant principal and then to principal of Findley Oaks Elementary where he ended his career in 2012. Mr. Curry serves on the Pension Board as a retired administrator.

Email: currys@fultonschools.org 



​Mr. David Helton, Board Member

Mr. Helton also serves in an ex officio capacity and is the Executive Director of Fiscal Services of Fulton County Schools.

Email: helton@fultonschools.org



Ms. Greta Tinaglia, CPA

Ms. Tinaglia has assumed the role of Executive Director of Accounting and Retirement Services.    Ms. Tinaglia comes to us with 10 plus years of experience in school district pension plans and additional experience across the financial public sector. 

Email: tinaglia@fultonschools.org

Board Meeting Schedule

 2018 FCSEP Board Meeting Schedule

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