Budget Services
The purpose of the Budget Services Department is to assist the school district in maintaining sound fiscal management to ensure the viability of Fulton County School System. The Budget Services Department assists and works closely with principals, department heads, program managers and cabinet members in managing, developing, and monitoring their various and numerous budgets.

FY2016 Budget Information


FY2016 Board Presentations

​March 10, 2015

Board Work Session

​FY16 General Fund Revenue ForecastBoard Documentationrevenue forecast.png

​April 14, 2015

Board Work Session

FY16 Budget Mark-Up #2- Superintendent's  Recommendation

Board Documentationbudget markup 2.png


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1/13/2015Board MeetingFY16 School Allotment GuidelinesBoard DocumentationVideo Presentation
10/14/2014Board MeetingFY16 Budget Calendar (first read)Board DocumentationVideo Presentation