January 21, 2015

Board Briefs is an unofficial summary of school board actions. Board discussion and agenda items are posted on the BoardDocs website,  and the video and audio files of the meeting can be accessed by going to the Board Meetings Videostreaming website .


All  school board members were present for the board meeting held at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School.


Outstanding students, staff and/or schools were honored for state, national or international awards.


The board held a public comment session to hear from constituents and employees.


The board took action on the following agenda items. Those indicated as first read, second read, tabled, etc., are still under discussion by the school board with action planned at a later meeting.

ApprovedMinutes of the December 2014 Board Meetings
Approved2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Board Meeting Schedules
ApprovedNew Course Proposals: Biochemistry and International Baccalaureate Chinese, Year One and Two, Literature and History of the New Testament Era
ApprovedNew purchase of AP Spanish Exam Preparations and Temas texts for AP Spanish students
ApprovedBoard Policy DFK – Gifts and Benefits
ApprovedBoard Policy and Procedures JBCA – School Admissions for Homeless Students
ApprovedBoard Policy JHC – Student Organizations
ApprovedBoard Policy JBC – School Admissions
ApprovedBoard Policy GAB – Employee/Student/Public-Non-discriminations
ApprovedBoard Policy and Procedures GAMA – Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing
ApprovedCity of Sandy Springs Proposed Easement and ROW for Mods to Sidewalks & Intersection at Riverwood HS
ApprovedAlternative Floor Finishes and Floor Coverings per Educational Specifications and Design Requirements
ApprovedRFP 401-15, Bear Creek MS Renovations Project
ApprovedRFP 402-15, Lake Windward ES and New Prospect ES Renovation Project
ApprovedRFP 404-15 Crabapple Crossing ES and Mountain Park ES Renovation Project
ApprovedNew Derrick Road ES and Floor Plan Approval
ApprovedNew Esther Jackson ES Replacement Site and Floor Plan Approval
ApprovedRFQ 413-14, Engineering Services
ApprovedRFQ 402-14, Architectural Services
ApprovedAdjust the Architectural and Engineering Fees for the Capital Improvement Renovation Projects – Packages R and U in Phase 4
ApprovedArchitect Selection for Riverwood HS Project Design
ApprovedIFB No. 118-15 School furniture
ApprovedIFB No. 125-15, Fleet Vehicles
ApprovedIFB No. 128-15, Collaborative Classroom and Media Furniture
ApprovedRFQ No. 129-15, Personalized Learning Support Services
ApprovedFinancial Update
ApprovedMonthly Capital Programs Report
ApprovedFY2016 School Allotment Authorization




Field Trip Report for January 2015

Employee Travel Report for January 2015

Contracting Report for January 2015 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999.99

Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions

2014-2015 Private School Report

ACT WorkKeys Assessment Results

Policy Review Schedule

Board Policy and Operating Guideline AED – Reporting of Fraud or Misconduct

Board Policy CBA – Nepotism

Board Policy CB-Administrative Personnel Ethics

Board Policy GAG – Supervision/Evaluation of Family Members

Board GAJB-Professional/Classified

Board Policy GBRGB-Professional/Classified- tutoring for Pay

The 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Initiative