May 19, 2016

Board Briefs is an unofficial summary of school board actions. Board discussion and agenda items are posted on the BoardDocs website, and the video and audio files of the meeting can be accessed by going to the Board Meetings Videostreaming website .


Board Members Gail Dean and Catherine Maddox were absent.  All other Board members were present for the board meeting held at Asa G. Hilliard Elementary School.



The board took action on the following agenda items. Those indicated as first read, second read, tabled, etc., are still under discussion by the school board with action planned at a later meeting.

ActionMinutes of the April 2016 Board Meeting
ActionTextbook Proposals
ActionCTAE Course Proposals
ActionHealth and Physical Education Course Proposals
First ReadFine Arts Course Proposals
First ReadHealth and Physical Education Course Proposals
First ReadCourse Proposal - Jewelry and Metal Crafts
First ReadNaming of New CTE Facility- Banneker HS
ActionHapeville Preparatory Charter School (formerly known as Hapeville Academy Charter School) Charter Petition
ActionResurgence Hall Charter School Charter School Petition
ActionBoard Policy DC - Annual Operating Budget
ActionBoard Policy EBC - Data Access and Security for Sensitive Information
ActionBoard Policy KDB - Public Disclosure and Access to Records
First ReadBoard Policy GAE – Employee Complaints
ActionAccess Utility Easement for the Banneker CTE Addition
ActionBoard Resolution for Certificate of Completion for Various Capital IV Projects
ActionConstruction Program Management Service Contract – Five-Year Fourth Option Renewal
ActionPhase 4 GMP Approval for the Riverwood International Charter HS Addition Project
ActionRFP 166-16 Construction Time and Materials
ActionRFQ 401-13, Surveying Services
ActionContracting Report for May 2016 for Items Between $100,000 and $1,000,000
ActionRFP 199-16 Fresh Produce
ActionIFB 209-16 Paper and Plastic Products
ActionIFB 213-16 Milk and Milk Products
ActionRFP 1602BN Purchase of School Nutrition Program Food Items and Distribution Services
ActionRFP No. 177-15, FCS' School Nutrition Program Temporary Personnel Services (SNP) Food Assistants
ActionSole Source No. 925-16 Microsoft Enterprise Software License Agreement
ActionFinancial Update
ActionMonthly Capital Programs Report
ActionMay 2016 Proposed Budget Adjustments
ActionBanking Resolutions
ActionFY2017 Tentative Budget
ActionRevised Employee Travel Report for May 2016
ActionArtificial Turf and Track Replacements



Outstanding students, staff and/or schools that were honored for state, national or international awards.



After meeting in executive session, the board approved land, legal and/or personnel items, including changes on the personnel report.


Susan Simpson, from Coordinator of Architecture, to Director of Land Management



Tanya Leon-Thomas, Coordinator of Exceptional Children (eff. 06/01/2016)

Zina Rhodes, Principal at Bethune ES (eff. 06/30/2016)

Michael Wilbourne, Director of Engineering & Architecture (eff. 06/30/2016)



Field Trip Report for May 2016

Contracting Report for May 2016 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999.99

Special Revenue Fund/Grant Budget Adjustments

Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions

Board Policy Review Schedule (information)

Board Policy GAB - Employee/Student/Public - Non-Discrimination (policy review - information)

Board Policy GBA – Employee Contracts (policy review – information)

Board Policy GBBD - Professional Certification (policy review - information)

Board Policy GBO - Professional -Resignations (policy review - information)

Board Policy GBRC - Exempt Employee Workday (policy review - information)

Board Policy IAB - Curriculum Alignments (policy review - information)

Board Policy IDG - Adult General Education (policy review - information)