April 23, 2015


Board Briefs is an unofficial summary of school board actions. Board discussion and agenda items are posted on the BoardDocs website,  and the video and audio files of the meeting can be accessed by going to the Board Meetings Videostreaming website .


All school board members were present for the board meeting held at Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary School.


Outstanding students, staff and/or schools were honored for state, national or international awards.


The board took action on the following agenda items. Those indicated as first read, second read, tabled, etc., are still under discussion by the school board with action planned at a later meeting.


ApprovedMinutes of the March 2015 Board Meetings
ApprovedTextbook Proposal
ApprovedBoard Policy DI – Accounting and Reporting
ApprovedBoard Policy DJEI – Vendor Relations
ApprovedBoard Policy DK – Contracts on Behalf of Students
ApprovedBoard Policy ICD – Pilots and Experimental Programs
ApprovedBoard Policy DC – Annual Operating Budget
ApprovedBoard Policy DCH – Periodic Budget Reconciliation
ApprovedBoard Policies IHF (1 through 8) Graduation Requirements for Classes 1998 - 2015
ApprovedRequest Approval to Grant Utility Easements for Both Newly Installed Portable Classrooms and New Construction at Various Schools
ApprovedRequest Approval of Easement to the City of Sandy Springs for the New Heards Ferry ES
ApprovedRequest Board to Authorize Proposed Conveyance of R.O.W. to the City of Roswell
ApprovedRequest Board to Authorize Conveyance of R.O.W. and Easement to the City of Milton for Road Improvements at Crabapple Crossing ES
ApprovedRequest Approval of a Proposed ATM Lease for Fulton Teachers' Credit Union at the New Administration Building
ApprovedRequest Fee Waiver by WINGS for Kids, Atlanta at Various Schools
ApprovedRFP 412-15, Banneker HS CTAE Addition Project
ApprovedRFP 413-15, Construction Management Services for the Findley Oaks ES and Medlock Bridge ES Renovation Project
ApprovedRFP 417-15, Construction Management Services for the Riverwood International Charter HS Replacement Project
ApprovedContracting Report for April 2015 for Items Between $100,000 and $1,000,000
ApprovedIFB No. 153-15, VMWare Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)
ApprovedRFP No. 106-14, Digital Repository System
ApprovedRFP No. 158-14, Interactive Projector Hardware and Installation
ApprovedRFP No. 148-13, Occupational and Physical Therapy Services
ApprovedRFP No. 149-13, Speech Therapy Services
ApprovedFinancial Update
ApprovedMonthly Capital Programs Report


After meeting in executive session, the board approved land, legal and/or personnel items, including changes on the personnel report.


Lila Brown, from Lead Teacher with Dekalb County Schools, to Campbell ES Assistant Principal  

Philip Hammonds, Executive Principal with Nashville Public Schools, to Stonewall Tell ES Principal

Brian Jones, from Interim Principal at Milton HS, to Principal at Milton HS

LaToya Miley, from Executive Manager, to Randolph ES Principal                                      



Robert Avossa, Superintendent (resign. eff. 6/1/2015)

Patti Blalock,  Hillside AP (retiring eff. 5/29/15)



Field Trip Report for April 2015

Employee Travel Report for April  2015

Contracting Report for April 2015 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999.99

Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions

Board Policy Review Schedule

Board Policy DFK – Gifts and Bequests

Board Policy and Operating Guideline DJD – Travel Expense Reimbursement