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Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
The Office of Student Discipline (OSD) is pleased to announce receipt of a $37,900 Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) grant from the Georgia Office of Highway Safety (GHOS). SADD Chapters are designed to address drinking and driving among teens in Fulton County High Schools during the 2017-2018 school and implement the following activities:


· Establish or Maintain a SADD Chapter

· Complete a Minimum of Two Safety Belt Checks

· Host Ghost-out, Crash Car Event, or Safe Prom and Graduation Activities

· Provide Leadership Training to SADD Chapter Members

· Support Drug Prevention Activities


Because car crashes remain the Number One cause of death for teens, drivers ages 15-19 have a higher rate of crashes, injuries and fatalities than adult and elderly drivers. "The Governor's Office of Highway Safety" is committed to keeping everyone safe on our roads and highways, from the smallest precious cargo to the most seasoned drivers, said GOHS Director Harris Blackwood.  "This grant will help Fulton County Schools reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities on Georgia roadways."


This grant will enhance SADD chapters in Fulton County Schools with the idea that student input into the solution will help alleviate the problem of teen driver fatalities in Georgia.


The following Fulton County Schools have active SADD Chapters:


Banneker High School  
Independence High School 
Centennial High School  
Chattahoochee High School 
Creekside High School 

Please contact Eric Carlyle, Director of Student Discipline, at (470) 254-0480, carlyleea@fultonschools.org or The Governor's Office of Highway Safety at (404) 656-6996 if  additional information is needed regarding the receipt and implementation of the SADD grant.