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Student Placements

Typically, students are enrolled in Fulton County public schools based on the address where they live. Questions regarding what school a student, who is not under a discipline restriction, is to attend can be answered in the Office of Student Assignment by calling 404-763-5550 or visiting the District website at www.fultonschools.org.

Students who are under a discipline order or restriction, who have transferred from other school systems, may be placed in specific schools by a decision of the Director of Student Discipline. These occur when disciplinary hearings or expulsion decisions are a part of the student's record. All students who have had such a decision must contact the Office of Student Discipline for placement determination. If your child has been a part of a disciplinary hearing in another district, be sure that prior to enrolling in Fulton County you contact the Office of Student Discipline at 404-763-5600 ext. 121/151/ or email staff at AllenAE@fultonschools.org as early as possible so that your child can begin in his/her correct Fulton County school as soon as possible. Delay in doing so or finding out later that your child is attending the wrong school, might cause your child to lose valuable academic time.

Student Placements after Informal, Disciplinary, or Tribunal Hearings in Fulton County

Students are referred to the Office of Student Discipline (OSD) for an Informal, Disciplinary, or Tribunal Hearing when, in accordance with Fulton County Schools Policy section JD. if school administrators suspect the students of engaging in "serious or chronic misbehavior that may result in a school transfer, long-term suspension, or expulsion".

There are three circumstances when referrals made to hearings result in a school transfer being required for the student:

  • One is when it is determined at these hearings through the decision of the Hearing Officer or Tribunal Panel that an alternate placement/program for the student is appropriate; then, a school transfer is initiated through the OSD to the schools.
  • The second is when the student receives special education services and is found by the Hearing Officer to have committed a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. At this point the Hearing Officer does not determine a change in the student's placement, but rather, directs appropriate school and special education personnel to convene an IEP/Disciplinary Review Team to determine (1) whether the student's actions were a manifestation of a disability and (2) what disciplinary actions and/or changes in the student's IEP may be appropriate. This IEP team may determine that a change of placement of the student will be appropriate.
  • And, lastly, a student who has been referred to a hearing and placed in an alternative program/placement usually will be referred to the OSD or IEP Team for a completion placement at the conclusion of the required term of consequences.