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Fulton County Science Resources

        In 2017-2018, the state of Georgia began implementing the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science in Grades K-8, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Environmental Science.  These standards will focus on 3-Dimensional learning which incorporates science content, crosscutting concepts, and science & engineering practices as outlined in A Framework for K-12 Science Education (2011).  Notable changes in the standards include student engagement in science and engineering practices such as designing and carrying out investigations, developing and using models, analyzing data, and constructing arguments.  Fulton County believes every aspect of science education encountered by students should enhance their understanding of science; enabling them to become environmentally, scientifically, and technologically literate citizens. 

​          At each grade level, content core ideas are integrated with science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts. The science and engineering practices, content, and crosscutting concepts are used throughout K-12 science courses and build towards a progressively deeper understanding of the dimensions as students' progress through the years.  Hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches should be the emphasis of instruction.

          5th Grade, 8th Grade, High School Physical Science and Biology students will be assessed at the end of the year with a Milestones Assessment.  Student/Parent Assessment Guides for these grade levels can be found with the grade level resources below.

Curriculum Handbook Elementary Science.pdf


Kindergarten Curriculum Map.docx

Kindergarten GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

1st Grade

1st Grade Curriculum Map.docx

First Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Second Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Third Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

4th Grade

4th Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Fourth Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf


5th Grade​

5th Grade Curriculum Map 2018-19.docx

Fifth Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Milestones Study Guide (DOE)

Curriculum Handbook Middle School Science.pdf

6th Grade

6th Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Sixth Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf


7th Grade

7th Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Seventh Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

8th Grade

8th Grade Curriculum Map.docx

Eighth Grade GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

8th Grade Milestone Study Guide (DOE)

Physical Science

Physical Sci Curriculum Map.docx

Physical Science GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Physical Science Milestones Study Guide DOE

Curriculum Handbook High School Science.pdf


Biology Curriculum Map.docx

Biology GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Biology Milestones Study Guide (DOE)


Chemistry Curriculum Map.docx

Chemistry GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Physical Science

Physical Sci Curriculum Map.docx

Physical Science GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Physical Science Milestones Study Guide DOE​


Physics Curriculum Map.docx

Physics GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Earth Systems

Earth Systems GSE 7-6-2016.pdf

Environmental Science​

Environmental Science GSE 7-6-2016.pdf