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Liaison Duties


  • Visit the Technology Competition website to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines for the competition.
  • The FAQ will answer a number of your questions and will be updated continuously.
  • Ask direct questions to the Liaison chair, Sue Fetherston @ fetherston@fultonschools.org if any information on the website is unclear.
  • Re-visit the website frequently to update yourself of all changes.
  • Read all emails regarding the Technology Competition and respond when requested.


  • Communicate with parents, teachers and students to publicize the competition
  • Publish information about the competition in school newsletter
  • Publish information about the competition on the school web page
  • Include information about the Technology Competition in the school-wide announcements
  • Distribute and collect signed parent consent forms provided by the committee
  • Confirm attendance with students and their parents close to the date of the competition


  • Register students online during the registration window (January 10-12, 2018)
  • Adhere to the rules of number of projects permitted per school as well as number of projects per student, and number of students per team
  • Be sure the student is registered in the correct category as categories will not be changed after registration closes
  • Make sure that students participating in the Individual Progreamming Challenge (grades 7-12) understand they will have a different check-in and judging time from all other students.