Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) is the state wide virtual school that is operated and managed by the Georgia Department of Education. All courses from GAVS ​are accredited and approved for credit in FCS. A student may choose to take any course with GAVS or FVS and schedule it during their school day at no charge to the family. Courses that are taken with GAVS or FVS that are in addition to a full course load at the local school do incur a fee from their respective institutions.

Please use the resources below to help you register and enroll in a GAVS course. For more information about courses from FVS, please follow this link: Fulton Virtual.


How to create a GAVS account

How to submit an application for a GAVS course.

How to access the Student Orientation Course & Video

How to create a parent account for GAVS.

How to link parent account to student account. (GTID # is required, this information can be obtained from your student's home school)

How to monitor student progress from parent account.

How to navigate a GAVS course.

Fall 2014 schedule of open house and trainings

GAVS Open House recording (Spring 2014)

GAVS Parent Night Session (Spring 2014)